Other Haircut at Home Tools

Haircut at Home Tools

There are a few tools available to cut your own hair easier. These tools can be purchased easily through online sales stores. In this section we will provide information about these self hair cutting tools and how they can to be purchased.

Unfortunately, I could not use all the products I would mention here. But I have seen almost all the videos prepared for each hair cut product and read user comments. I will also give you detailed views about the hair cut products I use.

Let’s start…

Neck Hair Guide

The Neck Hair Guide is a tool specifically designed to make a smooth hair cut at the neck.

As you can see from the picture, this tool has a very simple logic and it consists of a plastic that corresponds to the nape section and a rubber band that keeps this plastic stationary. This tool will help to trim your own hair in easiest way on your neck.

You can purchase this self hair cutting item easily on the link below.

Neckline Shaving Template

This hair cutting tool for self cutting is not much different from the first product above. It can be preffered for the better quaility material of that made of. So you can use it longer than the other one.

The Barber’s Edge

The third alternative that comes to mind to cut your own neck hair properly is the The Barber’s Edge. This ensures a smooth finish during easy professional home hair cut.

Self Cut System 2.0 Heaven Lights

One of the important hair cutting tool for self cutting tools at home is the mirror. As we mentioned in other chapters, using at least two mirrors while cutting your own hair will make your job easier. An entrepreneur who has taken this job one step further has tried to make hair cutting work easier by installing three mirrors. Moreover, these mirrors are fitted with LED bulbs, which helps you to cut your own hair comfortably even in poor lighting conditions.

Floxsee Portable Adjustable Tri-Fold Mirror for Home or Travel

Floxsee is a portable triview & trifold mirror for cutting your own hair. It is specifically designed for you to be able to see your hair while cutting your own hair short. Floxsee is also perfect for make-up and personal grooming. It can sit on a tabletop with one side lifted for close up viewing. Floxsee hangs from its built in hooks on most doors and is adjustable to heights from 5′ to 6’4.

New Style Hair Cutting Cloak Umbrella Cape

When cutting your own hair, I recommend that you not worry about just cutting, you need to worry about house and bathroom cleaning, also. Otherwise, if you are married or sharing your house with someone, it is likely that you will get problem with them. To avoid this situation, we recommend that you cut your own hair in a place where you can wash all sides with water. For example, if your toilet is large enough, it is a good solution to do the haircutting here because of the hair scattered. If the bathroom is washable, the bathroom can be preferred.  Anyway, let’s get back to our position. The Chinese are really sensitive about cleaning. They produced a hair cutting cover (penper) that resembles a reverse umbrella so that the environment is not contaminated during self hair cutting.



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