Why You Should Cut Your Own Hair at Home?

why you should cut own hair

Unlike women, it is always the best for men to spend minimum time on personal care especially hair cutting. Almost everyone knows that the big part of personal care is only a necessity.

There are a few reasons why a man wants to learn how to cut hair at home and want to cut his own hair at home.

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No More Wasting Time on Hairdresser or Barber Queue

One of the most common complaints for men who want to go to the hairdresser and cut their hair is to wait for hours. It is also one of the things that I personally feel most uncomfortable with. Moreover, you may not be close to your hairdresser. In conclusion you may have to spend 1.5-2 hours just for your hair cut. But at home, anytime you want you can trim your own hair.


Hygiene Concerns About Hair Cut Tools

Health is the most important thing for everyone. So hygiene is, too. Especially in public use areas. The hairdressing salons are one of them. Nonhygienic hair cut tools can cause different types of micro organisms to multiply and thus threaten human health. These salons serve dozens of different people every day. Also tools such as scissors, hair cutting machines, combs, nape cleaning brushes are used in common. Therefore, failure to provide adequate hygienic conditions in these tools may cause serious health problems.

First of all, there are many hairdressers who are very careful about hygiene and have the necessary knowledge and equipment. There’s nothing we can say for these people. But on the other side unfortunately, the situation of many male hairdressers is still painful in many place. There are hairdressers who use the same machine in dozens of days without disinfecting.  In fact, the same situation applies to many other tools and equipment. For example, towels normally used by hairdressers need to be washed after a use. However, many hairdressers still use a towel that is used for several times. But if you have hair cutting tools for self cutting at home, you can learn how to cut your hair with clippers and easily you can cut your own hair at home.

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Open 24/7

Many people do not prefer to go to the hairdressing salon after a tiring day. For this reason we prefer weekends to go to the hairdressing salon. But here, too, there is another problem. Men’s hairdressers do not work especially on Sundays. Also saturdays are the most busy days for hairdressers as much as I have observed. If you want to cut your hair on Saturday, you will either go early in the morning or you will have to wait for hours. Unfortunately, this is not very nice either. So either you will go to the hairdresser in the evening as a tired arrogance, or you will spend big part of your Saturday. But for cutting your own hair at home, you need just for 15 minutes.


Cleaning Just the Ear and Nape Area

In males, feathers and hairs around the nape or ear grow faster than hair. Also the prolongation of hair or feathers in these regions leads to an ugly appearance. If you have to go to the coiffeur just for this job, your situation is not very time-friendly. Now let’s give a little more detail. As you know, after a short period of a male haircut(15-20 days), hairs around the nape or ear grows. Moreover, the shaving of the nape area is one of the issues that women pay particular attention to. As a result, you will either go to the hairdresser to clean the ear and nape area, or you can take your machine and trim your own hair in 10 minutes. The second option sounds much nicer, does not it?

havin shower after hair cut

Having Shower After Hair Cut is Better Than Just Washing Your Hair

Nowadays, almost all hairdressers wash and shape your hair after hair cutting. But this washing is not seen enough by many people. Although your hair are washed after cutting, you may feel uncomfortable because of sticking hair pieces of to your body. For this reason, a shower after your haircut will make you feel much better. When you cut your own hair at home, you can directly have a quick shower and get ready for the rest of the day or night.





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